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Egyptian Sesame Seed Sweets
Sesame seed sweet pieces with honey, ginger and cinnamon
Egyptian Zalabia Balls
Fried fritter balls in an orange blossom water and cinnamon syrup
Ghraybeh Biscuits
Semolina with orange flower water and almond biscuits
Kahk Biscuits
Date stuffed ginger biscuit sprinkled with icing sugar
Crispy pockets filled with walnut and diped in syrup
Klecha Cookies
Iraqi walnuts and dates cookies
Lebanese Date Balls
Lebanese date, coconut and sesame seeds balls
Lebanese Date Filled Fingers
Pastry fingers filled with dates and topped with sesame seeds
Lebanese Tahini and Pine Nuts Cookies
Cookies made with tahini, orange zest, vanilla and pine nuts dused with icing
Date stuffed cookies

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