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 Baharat Spice
 Baharat is a spice blend used in Middle Eastern Cuisine

 Cardamom Powder
 Made from seed pods of the Elettaria ginger plant

 Cinnamon Spice
 Made from scraping off the outer bark of the Cinnamomum tree then dried

 Coriander Powder
 Made from the ground seed of the Cilantro plant native to North Africa to south western Asia

 Cumin Powder
 Made from the ground seed of a flowering plant native to the east Mediterranean

 Harissa Paste
 Harissa is a hot chili oil paste

 Morrocan Spice Mix
 Moroccan Spice Mix is a spice blend used in North African and other Middle Eastern Cuisine

 Nutmeg Spice
 Made from the dry ground seed of the Myristica tree

 Paprika Spice
 Made from dry ground Capsicum

 Sumac Powder
 Made from the dry ground fruits of the Genus Rhus shrub native to Africa

 Turmeric Powder
 Made from the root of the Curcuma longa plant

 Za'atar Mix
 Middle Eastern Herb and Spice blend

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