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Libyan Breakfast Dougnut
Libyan breakfast fryed dougnut topped with egg (Sfinz)
Libyan Lamb Boureek
Lamb and parsley filled phyllo pastry turnovers garnished with sesame seeds
Moroccan Batbout Bread
Moroccan flour and semolina pita
Moroccan Harsha Bread
Moroccan pan fried bread made with semolina flour
Pita Za'atar Bread
Pizza with sumac, sesame, thyme, marjoram and oregano topping
Pastry stuffed with ground beef, fennel and poppy seed
Spicy Beef and Potato Triangles
Pastry stuffed with spicy beef, potato and peas
Spicy Chicken Puff Pastry Rounds
Pastries with spicy, garlic, ginger, bell pepper and chicken mince filling
Spicy Lamb Fingers
Pastry rolls filled with lamb, pine nuts and spice
Spinach Fatayir
Spinach filled pastry pockets

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