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Sweet Potato and Ginger Pastries
Parcels filled with sweet potato, ginger, chilli and spring onion
Tunisian Bejma Bread
Traditional bread rolls with egg mixture
Turkish Beef Borek
Layered yogurt coated filo pastry sheets with a beef and parsley filling
Turkish Lavash Bread
Turkish soft, thin flat bread with sesame seeds
Turkish Meat and Feta Pastry (Pide)
Open pie with a beef, herb, tomato and feta filling
Turkish Pumpkin and Walnut Pastry
Filo pastry stuffed with sweet cinnamon pumpkin, walnuts and honey
Turkish Simit Bread
Bread made with yoghurt topped with sesame seeds
Yemeni Kidem Bread
Whole wheat bread balls with a cardamom flavour
Za'atar Pastry Spirals
Golden puff pastry spirals with za'atar and tomato filling

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