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Preserved Lemon and Olives Chicken Tajine
Spicy skinless chicken with tomato, potatoes, preserved lemon and olives
Roast Chicken with Parsley Stuffing
Chicken stuffed with flat leaf parsley, tomatoes and spice
Roast Moroccan Chicken and Pumpkin
Skinless chicken with pumpkin in lemon, paprika and cumin
Saudi Kapsa Chicken Rice
Saudi spicy chicken and rice dish
Saudi Spicy Hard Boiled Egg Stew
Eggs with tomatoes, onion, garlic, cumin, turmeric and lemon
Scrambled eggs mixed with tomatoes, peppers, cumin and chilli
Syrian Eggplant Omelette
Eggplant with scrambled eggs, garlic, onion and spice
Syrian Ginger and Honey Chicken
Chicken in a zesty ginger, honey and chilli sauce
Syrian Spicy Chicken
Chicken fillets in a spicy garlic, cumin, ginger and thyme tomatoes sauce
Tunisian Egg and Potato Omelette
Omelette made with hard boiled eggs, potatoes, tomato and cumin

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